Brockton Writers Series 11.05.22: Victoria Mbabazi

Victoria Mbabazi’s work can be found in several literary magazines including Rejection Letters, Minola Review and No Contact Mag. Their chapbook “chapbook” is available with Anstruther Press and their chapbook “FLIP” is forthcoming this spring with Knife Fork Books. They’re currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

Lately, I’ve noticed a big theme in my poems is home. I’m a big fan and a student of astrology and I’ve been studying the houses more. I decided to write zodiac house poems and I realized through writing them that the common thread is the urge to tear them down. I moved from my hometown to New York this year and this series reflects my urge to destroy my foundations to build one that I feel comfortable standing on. I am a Pisces and they rule the 12th house. This is the first poem I wrote in this series of poems.


truthfully I can only tell you what’s missing

if love is oxygen it’s done nothing but die here

it’s yet to acclimate to my home’s density

but truth can exist without intimacy

I’ll try it out I won’t lie if you can guess

what I’m feeling in a round of charades

or hangman the rope tied around my neck

and I know I shouldn’t make this a game

but how else are you supposed to know

I’m someone worth losing I’ve decided

on Russian roulette you go first new rules

aim straight all the ammunition boomerangs

and when you shoot hope that bullet

doesn’t come back to haunt you I’m sorry

I know it’s hard to have fun while drowning

but it’s not my fault you decided to follow a siren

into the ocean I’m sorry—when you pulled the trigger

the impact muffled no one heard the gun go off

fire is timid underwater but I know you felt it

I know you’re going to tell me it didn’t hurt you’re spilling

out misery tints the water red it’s my turn but we’re

out of bullets and even if we weren’t I can’t see

clearly your heart keeps getting between us

Victoria Mbabazi visits Brockton Writers Series via our YouTube channel on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 starting at 6:30pm alongside Khashayar “Kess” Mohammdi, Gavin Barrett, and H. Nigel Thomas . Our guest speaker Caroline from ECW Press will help us with “Social Media 101 for Authors.

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