BWS 09.01.19: Judy Rebick


Judy Rebick is a life-long feminist activist, journalist and writer.  She is the founder of, a former President of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, a leader of the pro-choice movement and author of six books, most recently a memoir. Heroes in My Head. Follow her on twitter, @judyrebick, for her latest updates.


Heroes in My Head is a memoir of healing from childhood sexual abuse at the same time as being a highly public feminist activist.   It’s interesting how every reader takes something different from the book.  For those who have a history of childhood trauma, and there are many, the memoir is a story of hope, a story not only of surviving but of thriving despite serious mental injuries.  Many activists have told me that they relate most to the connection of personal and political in the activism described.   For younger generations, the most interesting part of the book is the description of how hard women had to fight to achieve what we have won so far.

For me, writing the book was another step in healing and in being a writer.  Putting this story into the world has been both difficult and rewarding.  It’s not easy telling your secrets, especially family secrets.  But I am increasingly convinced that keeping secrets props up systems of domination.  Telling our stories is the most powerful way of exposing how patriarchy and other systems of domination reach deeply into our spirit.  My story is also about how fighting those systems of domination is healing as long as it is accompanied by therapeutic support.

Click here to view the video where I talk about the experience of doing the audiobook.


Judy Rebick visits Brockton Writers Series on Wednesday, Janurary 9, 2019 at Glad Day Bookshop, 499 Church Street, Toronto, starting at 6:30pm (PWYC) alongside Jim Nason, JF Garrard, Anubha Mehta, and guest speaker Dorothy Ellen Palmer who brings up the question of “How Can We Work Together Towards the Respectful Representation of Marginalized Identities?”

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