BWS 08.11.17: Spencer Butt


Spencer Butt is a writer and poetry yeller based out of Toronto. He has been a featured performer at such events as Wavelength Music Series, AGO First Thursday, Art Bar Poetry Series, Laugh Sabbath, Sophisticated Boom Boom!, ROM Friday Night Live, The Vancouver Poetry Slam, and Long Winter TO. His newest book, Slouching the Dream, is available through Now or Never Publishing and can be found wherever books are sold.

To mark the eighth anniversary of Brockton Writers Series, Spencer went through the painstaking task of choosing his eight favourite books. In his video, which can be found on our Brockton Writers Series Facebook page, Spencer says the criteria he used for his selections was based on how each book made him feel after he read it for the first time– “it just made me go wow! I didn’t know a book could do that!”

If you’re curious about what kind of books could elicit this reaction from him, here are Spencer’s top picks:

Will Storr vs. The Supernatural: One Man’s Search for the Truth About GhostsWill Storr

Subduing Demons in America: Selected Poems, 1962-2007John Giorno

House of LeavesMark Z. Danielewski

Barrel Fever: David Sedaris

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius: Dave Eggers

A Wrinkle in Time: Madeleine L’Engle

Black Hole: Charles Burns

I Want A New Gun: David Lerner

We hope the growing list of great books being selected by our followers and readers will inspire you to add more titles to your reading list this season. Visit our Facebook page to see what other books have made the grade. Also, it’s not too late to create your own list.  Remember to tag eight of your friends and share your post to our page!

Spencer Butt visits Brockton Writers Series on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 in our new home, Glad Day Bookshop, 499 Church Street, Toronto, at 6:30pm (PWYC) alongside Dorothy Ellen Palmer, Jia Qing Wilson-Yang, Puneet Dutt, and special guest Heidi Reimer who will discuss, “How to Write a Novel in 10 Years: Total Rewrites, Massive Scrap Piles, and Persistence Through the Long Haul.”

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