BWS 08.01.14: Sherwin Tjia

just cover of z catbook

Sherwin Tjia is a Montreal-based writer and illustrator who has written eight books, including The World is a Heartbreaker,  a collection of 1600 pseudohaikus and finalist for the Quebec Writer’s Federation’s A.M. Klein Poetry Award, and The Hipless Boy, a collection of short, interconnected stories told in graphic novel form that was a finalist for the Doug Wright Award in the Best Emerging Talent category and also nominated for 4 Ignatz Awards. His invention, The E-Z-Purr: The Virtual Cat! (an album with over an hour of cats purring) is available on the iTunes music storeHe drops by the blog this week to talk about… cats!

So, I am pretty cat-crazy. Two years ago I wrote a Choose Your Own Adventure-style book from the POV of a cat called You Are a Cat! It was a blast to write and illustrate and now, its sequel, You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse! launches in Toronto on Sunday.

To celebrate, I decided to make some Rorschach ink blots. Or, in this case, RorschCAT ink blots, to suss out my subconscious mind and to see what I see.

RorschCAT Blot 01

1. I see a warm and smiley cat, on the delightfully chubby side. Fluffy as fuck, but still likes to roll around in front of the fireplace.

RorschCAT Blot 02

2. I see a sly cat. One that’s a little mischevous, and likes to bat at your feet when they are under the covers and you are trying to go to sleep.

RorschCAT Blot 03

3. I see a refined cat, one that is at home around people and loves large parties. Who isn’t afraid of all the action, and the late nights. Who likes to come out and rub themselves against every stockinged leg, leaving its hair everywhere.

RorschCAT Blot 04

4. I see a rambunctious cat, who’ll happily play with puddles of water in the tub, who’ll leap off the backs of chairs and fall stupidly, shaking themselves sober, and try again.

RorschCAT Blot 05

5. I see a robot cat. The future of felines.

RorschCAT Blot 06

6. I see a sleeping cat who likes to blend in, hiding deep in the depths of a comforter, living in its creases, only sometimes poking its nose out for air. A cat who has mastered moving as little as possible when resting and moving as much as it can when awake.

You can get my first Cat book here, and my second cat book here.

just back cover of z catbook

Sherwin Tjia visits the Brockton Writers Series on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 – full of beans Coffee House & Roastery, 1348 Dundas St. W., Toronto (7pm, PWYC) – along with Katie Boland, J.M. Frey and Michael Mirolla. Come early (6:30) for a talk by author Cory Silverberg about crowd-funding and how writers can put it to use.

Watch this space for more with each of our readers in the month leading up to the event!


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