BWS 08.05.13: Malikah Awe:ri

This week, in advance of her performance at the next BWS, we invited Mahlikah to give a us a little teaser and to say a few words about her work. Enjoy!

I wrote “Serpent’s Skin” as an ode to healing and the reclamation of the femininity; its strength, passion, endurance, fire. And the power of transformation, self-idenity… “Loving the skin you are in,” and not allowing society to define who you are and how you flow. My favourite line from the poem is: “How do I love thee/Let me count the ways/By lovin’ myself first/For a trillion, zillion dayz/Crawlin’ on my belly/Makin’ trails of my Herstory; my Herstory/U can’t box me! You can’t box me! Oh nooo!/”

In this video of a live performance of “Serpent’s Skin” filmed in March 2011 at Trane Studios, I am accompanied by the Acoustic Soul Tuesdays Band, and Jef Kearns is featured on flute. “Serpent’s Skin” is the title track from the 2011 AngelHeartRiverwalker Project EP. Produced at Notlam Studio. Musical Composition for this track was by Isaac Llacuachaqui.

For more info about Mahlikah Awe:ri, a drum talk poetic rapologist of  African-American/Mohawk (Kahnawá:ke) & Mi’kmaw (Bear River) heritage with Nova Scotian roots who is also the front woman for popular Toronto hip hop band Red Slam, check out her Sonicbids EPK, where you can find more poems, photos and great press reviews. You can also book her for shows.

Mahlikah Awe:ri visits the Brockton Writers Series May 8, 2013 – full of beans Coffee House & Roastery, 1348 Dundas St. W., Toronto (7pm, PWYC) – along with  Andy Sinclair, Elizabeth Ruth and Moez Surani.

Watch this space for more with each of our readers in the month leading up to the event!



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